Bebe Layne

imagine this..


it's 18 years from now & you're sending your baby off to college.

You can barely remember those first few days of their little life, back when they fit into your arms & fell asleep on your chest. 

Now, it's all a blur.

You thought you would remember. You thought the snapshots and cell phone photos would be enough.


Don't rely on your memory for the most precious years of your life:

lets start artistically capturing those memories from the moment they're born.

Your future self will thank you :) 

-- Never forget how amazing you felt the first time you saw your baby

-- Relax, enjoy the experience and let someone else handle taking the photos! 

-- You don't get a do-over for your baby's birth-- you only meet him or her for the first time, once.

Where to, mama?







an all-inclusive experience so you can relax and enjoy your baby's birth.


I completely understand you have a ton to do before your baby gets here, and that it can be totally overwhelming.

Let me take care of this for you! 

Heres what you get with a birth photography package:

-- consultation, so we can get to know each other before your birth

-- 24/7 on call from 37 weeks, day or night-- I will be there! 

-- unlimited time at your birth, from active labor until you deliver.

-- A birth story slideshow and/or digital images, so you will remember every detail.


How does it work?

coffee meeting.jpg

birth packages start at $1250

here's what others have asked: 

  • What if you miss my birth? 
    We will meet at least once before your birth to discuss your birth history, if any. We will discuss, in detail, when to call in labor. I take a limited number of births per month to avoid overlap in births.
  • Can I make payments Monthly?
    Yes! A lot of my clients choose to pay a little each month and that's no problem as long as the balance is paid by 37 weeks! 
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Due to the on-call nature of birth photography, I cannot offer any discounts. I do offer a customized registry for my clients to help them pay for birth photography.
  • How many images will I get? 
    80+ digital images will be delivered on USB if you choose a digital package
  • How long do you stay after the birth? 
    up to 2 hours to get weighing and measuring of baby, baby meeting siblings, etc.
  • I like the idea of birth photography, but I don't want anything graphic. 
    No problem! We will go over all your preferences at your birth consultation.
  • I'm nervous about my images being used online. 
    A small number of my clients choose not to share images online, and 100% I respect that choice. If you do choose to let me use images online, you will see and approve all images before they're posted.

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Heres what you get with a newborn photography session: 

  • consultation, so i can get to know your family and your vision for the session. These are usually by email or phone.
  • Professional Hair and Makeup for mom, you have enough to think about, all you have to do is get to the studio! 
  • Studio filled with backdrops, wraps, hats, and headbands, so you dont have to bring 1 single thing (unless you want to!) 
  • step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the session, after photographing so many newborns, I've learned these tips to keep babies sleepy and happy (after the session, moms try to take me home with them to keep baby asleep at night :))
  • in-person design and ordering appointment, so you;; have the perfect printed piece from your session.


how does it work?

newborn packages start at $200

heres what others have asked:

  • How long will it take to get my photos?
    You will see your photos 10-14 days after the session. 
  • What if my baby doesn't sleep for the session?
    It's rare that I can't get back to sleep for a portion of the session! I have photographed many newborns and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve :) 
  • Can my husband and other children be in the photos too?
    Yes! The whole family is welcome and encouraged to be in the session for no additional fee.
  • How much is this going to cost? 
    Most clients spend around $500 on their newborn session, and that includes all digital images as well as an art piece for your home! 
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    I have a studio filled with props, backdrops, wraps, hats and bows. You're welcome to bring pieces that are special to your family! 
  • I saw "xyz" idea on pinterest and I really love "xyz" pose, is this something you can do? 
    I welcome parent's ideas for the session. In fact, I will send you a detailed questionnaire to discover your desires for the session. We will also discuss this in your pre-session consultation

still have some questions?